Peelable Coatings has two products that are used extensively in this industry. The first product, BoothStrip, is predominantly used in the vehicle manufacturing industry. BoothStrip is a water based, silicon free product that is applied to the inside of a paint spray booth and once the there is a build up of overspray and dust it is simply stripped off which removes the over spray revealing a perfectly clean booth. This means there is no more need for harmful cleaning solvents that is usually used to clean the inside of the booth. It is also a lot less labour intensive which means the booth can be up and running again in a very short period of time.

The other product is VehicleProtect. This is a product that is used for the temporary protection of various surfaces found on a vehicle. If you are looking to protect your 4×4 vehicle from scratches while you are out on your bush holiday or driving through the bush for hunting this product is ideal. It is a temporary protective coating that is easy to apply and will protect against scratches, insects, small stone chips, bird droppings and tree sap. VehicleProtect is a liquid, water based product that is UV resistant for a period of up to six months, drying to a waterproof plastic film. This product does not use an adhesive to stick to the surface therefore will not leave a residue when removed.

This product can also be used on various other items like trailers, caravan’s, quad bikes and golf carts that may need extra protection.

Our automotive product range includes-

  • BoothStrip – designed to protect walls, floors and working surfaces within a spray booth from overspray and contamination.
  • VehicleProtect – a temporary peelable protective coating designed to protect non-porous surfaces from damage.
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