Glass and Aluminium

Peelable coatings have been used in the construction industry for protection for a number of years. It is predominantly used in the protection of glass and other substrates like aluminium steel and PVC. Due to the new building laws stipulating that all new building must be done with low e glass it has become even more important to properly protect this expensive product.

This product is an ideal option for protection of Curtain Walling. This type of system has previously been very difficult or impossible to protect. Now with the Protectapeel Advanced product it is now possible to protect this high performance glass from scratches as well as welding and grinding sparks which are often the causes of damage on this type of glass.

An added benefit of using this peelable product is that once the product has been removed from the glass it leaves a perfectly clean surface. This makes inspection by the architects much easier for the sign off process. This will also cut down significantly on the cleaning costs that are usually incurred for these types of systems.

The Protectapeel Advanced product is also 100% water-proof once dry which is an extremely important factor when being applied to the outside of a building that is exposed to our African weather. The product is also UV stable for 12 months so this means that even if the project is delayed the product will still be able to be peeled off. This product is also safe to use on all types of glass including coated and high performance.

Our glass and aluminium product range includes-

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