Mining and Industrial

Protectapeel supplies product to many mining and industrial companies for various permanent and temporary applications. The products are predominately used for the protection, of any non porous steel surface, from corrosion and damage. Protectapeel Anti-Rust products have been extensively tested in various harsh and corrosive environments. The products have been successfully used on the platinum mines in the Rustenburg area as well as the mines in the Tabazimbi region.

In the industrial sector the coatings are mainly used to protect any steel surface that is either being stored for extended periods of time or during shipping and handling. The product will prevent any rust from forming on the surface thus when the items are ready to be installed or delivered the product is simply stripped off by hand to reveal a clean rust free surface.

The product is also used to protect large industrial steel items that are shipped overseas and that have previously been very difficult to protect from rust. Now it is possible to simply apply the Protectapeel Anti-Rust coating by brush, roller or airless spray onto these items. When the items reach their destination the client can effortlessly peel off the coating and install immediately. There is no more need for messy tapes that need to be scrapped off and then cleaned with solvents before the items can be used. Also eliminates the need for waxes and oils that require hot water and solvents to be removed. All the Protectapeel coatings are water-based, thus making them environmentally friendly which is very important in this day and age. All Protectapeel coatings are completely safe for the applicator, eliminating the need for any special safety-wear when working with the product. On completion everything is simply cleaned with water. Another very important environmental aspect of the products is that once the dry coating has been removed from the surface, it is simply disposed of like any other low hazard waste.

Our mining and industrial product range includes-

  • Advanced Anti–Rust – protects any steel surface that is either being stored for extended periods of time or during shipping and handling.
  • Advanced Non–Flam  – protect a various surfaces that can be stored externally for up to 12 months.
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