Plumbing and Flooring

During the construction process some of the most difficult surfaces to protect are sanitary ware and flooring. With our innovative peelable coatings these are now possible to protect. With our product BathProtect it is now possible to simply paint on a coating that will dry to form a tough barrier that will protect against various chemicals like cement, plaster and even foot traffic that can cause significant damage.

This product is safe to use on any non-porous surface that needs protection. From the baths and basins to tiles, shower trays, mirrors, counter tops even the taps and fittings that have been previously difficult to protect.

FloorProtect is another peelable coating that can be used to protect various floor surfaces. It is tough enough to handle spillages of any kind as well as vehicle and foot traffic. It is simply applied by brush or roller and once dry it can simply be stripped back by hand to reveal a clean and undamaged surface.

Our plumbing and flooring product range includes-

  • BathProtect – For smooth surface in a bathroom or kitchen during construction or renovation.
  • MulitSurface – Designed for internal use on most non-porous surfaces.
  • FloorProtect – Protects flooring from scratches, dirt, chemicals and paint overspray.
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