There are many specialised industries that use peelable products. These include the nuclear industry, that use a peelable coating to capture low duty radiation from surfaces that are normally difficult to clean.

The advertising industry also uses peelable coatings for various applications like temporarily changing a colour of a particular surface for the duration of a project. It is also used in stadiums to cover signage for an event that is not needed or are not approved sponsors.

There are also peelable products used in the chemical milling or etching processes. It is considerably easier to paint on a product than stick tapes as was previously done. The product is very acid resistant which is critical in this application.

The signage industry has also recently started using peelable coatings to mask or protect their signage during the manufacturing process as well as to protect it during delivery and installation.

The uses for peelable paints are endless and Peelable Coatings technical staff will advise you on the best product to suit your specific application.

Our specialised product range includes-

  • SignMask –  designed for temporary masking, decoration and protection internally and externally of large structures and signs.
  • E100 – designed to tie-down surface contamination on objects being decommissioned, dismantled or removed for disposal.
  • HydroMask – for use during chemical etching/milling/pickling processes.
  • 5490 – designed to protect optical glass and metal surfaces during fabrication and shipment.
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