Frequently Asked Questions

How is Protectapeel disposed of?

It condenses in to a small ball and goes in to landfill (classification as domestic waste)

If Protectapeel gets damaged can it be repaired?

Yes, simply reseal by applying a second coat over the damaged area.

Can Protectapeel be removed in cold weather?

Yes, but do not attempt to remove if the temperature is below freezing.

Do you need to thin or mix the material before use?

No thinning, just stir the material in the container before use.

How is Protectapeel applied?

Using an airless spray gun or lambswool roller.

Who supplies the spray equipment?

There are a number of suitable machines. Contact us for details.

At what pressure do you spray Protectapeel?

We suggest 2,500 psi (150 bar) with a 17 thou tip size. Or 60 psi with an air assisted spray gun.

How thick should the Protectapeel coat be?

250-300 microns wet will give a dry film thickness of 100 microns.

How do you check the thickness of the coating?

Peelable Coatings supply a guage to measure the coating thickness in it’s wet state.

Can Protectapeel be applied in any weather conditions?

It should not be applied in the wet or if the temperature is below freezing.

What do you use to clean the equipment?

Cold water

Can Protectapeel be applied using a paint brush

Not recommended

How long can Protectapeel be left on the surface?

Up to 12 months (see technical data sheets for specific information)

Where can I obtain more information about Protectapeel?

Contact Peelable Coatings (Pty) Ltd. on +27 11 888 4642 or send an email to