Advanced Anti-Rust

Protectapeel Advanced Anti Rust is mainly used in the industrial and mining sectors to protect any steel surface that is either being stored for extended periods of time or during shipping and handling. In the mining and engineering industries gears and pinions are protected whilst often stored outside, exposed to harsh climatic conditions. The product will prevent any rust from forming on the surface so when the items are ready to be installed or delivered the product is simply stripped off by hand to reveal a clean rust free surface. This saves tremendous costs during shutdown times for routine maintenance and repairs.

There is no more need for messy tapes that need to be scrapped off and then cleaned with solvents before the items can be used. Protectapeel Advanced Anti Rust eliminates the need for waxes and oils that require hot water and solvents for removal.

Protectapeel Advanced Anti Rust can also be used for permanent protection of surfaces that require a coating that is acid resistant. The product has been successfully used to protect electric motors in acid plants on many South African mines.

Please see the attached Corrosion Report done at a Rustenburg mine over a period of nine months.

Protectapeel Advanced Anti Rust is available in clear for use where colour coded items need to be identified for regular maintenance or inspection.