Advanced GlassProtect

 Advanced GlassProtect is a weather resistant, peelable protective coating designed for external use on glass and many other substrates used within the construction industry for up to 12 months. The product dries to  a skin tight plastic film which will offer resistance to scratches, abrasions, overspray of solvent paint, cement and plaster spatter during the construction or refurbishment process. The coating has been specifically formulated to provide excellent UV resistance.

Using this product reduces costly damages and delays. The product leaves a clean undamaged surface on removal which facilitates a smooth and timeous hand over. This also prevents the glass from being scratched by cleaning teams. Advanced GlassProtect is 100% waterproof once dry which makes it suitable to use in the harshest of environments. This product has been tested and is safe to use on any Low – E, coated and high performance glass.

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